Dumbwaiter Elevator Example
Dumbwaiter Elevator Installations

Abell Elevator installs dumbwaiters by leading manufacturers in the industry such as Atlas, Matot and Waupaca. We currently offer three different basic models of dumbwaiters. See the following information for the model that best suits your needs.

The DR (drum) dumbwaiter is the perfect choice for any lift of 50 feet or less. At speeds of 50 feet per minute and with load capacities of up to 500 pounds, it is ideally suited for moving a variety of items – from heavy files and office supplies in banks, offices and labs to maintenance equipment in factories.

The TR (traction) dumbwaiter quickly and quietly carries up to 500 pounds to heights up to 250 feet at speeds up to 350 feet per minute. The counterweighted TR is unparalleled for moving everything from office supplies to hospital supplies in high rise applications, eliminating delays and inconvenience and congestion in busy elevators.

The LD dumbwaiter is the perfect fit for light jobs around the home, office or club. Need to haul groceries from one floor to another? How about firewood? Or the office mail? The LD dumbwaiter with its 200 pound capacity makes quick work of it.



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