Plug & Play Packages

Plug and Play Elevator Packages

Abell Lift Systems is dedicated to the purpose of producing field efficient elevator packages for a network of independent elevator contractors. We are a single source supplier and have designed an integrated, field efficient, plug and play system. Abell Lift Systems offers a full line of plug and play elevator packages including hydraulic (twin post holeless and inground borehole) and machine-room less (MRL) traction units.

Elevator Package Advantages

Abell Lift Systems’ plug and play hydraulic packages are quick and easy to install. A three (3) stop twin post holeless unit is routinely installed in forty team hours.

Abell Lift Systems provides onsite or factory installation training to assure that field efficiency is immediately realized.

Equipped with all the field efficient features of our plug and play system, our MRL traction units are efficient and easy to install.

Our MRL’s compact design fits a hydraulic hoistway footprint.

Our packages range from 2100# capacity passenger cars through 5000# capacity hospital style cars at speeds up to 350 fpm.


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