Freight Elevator Example
Freight Elevators Installations

Abell offers a wide range of freight elevators to suit your needs. As with passenger elevators, freight elevators can be hydraulic or traction driven. Depending on the height of the building being served and the speed you want the elevator to travel. Later in this section you will find some typical freight elevator sizes and the corresponding hoistway dimensions for planning purposes.


These sizes are the most common in the industry, however, all of our freight elevators are custom made for each application, so feel confident that Abell can meet your needs no matter how much space you have available. Please consult our corporate office to assist you in the planning for your new freight elevator. Listed below are the standard features of our freight elevators.

Standard Features

  • #14 Gauge Steel Wall Panels in an angle frame
  • Fluorescent Recessed Light Fixtures
  • Factory Standard Finish is Primed Paint, Final Painting by others
  • Checker Plate Steel Flooring
  • Slings / Platforms are fabricated from structural steel members
  • Vertical Biparting Doors (manual or power operated
  • Car Operating Station
  • Car Position Indicator
  • Car Direction Indicator and Hall
  • Pushbutton Stations

When planning a freight elevator for your building, careful consideration needs to be given to the type of loading you will do, as this will effect the manufacture of the elevator. Please contact one of our project managers to determine what type of application best suits your needs.


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