Hydraulic Elevator Example
Hydraulic Elevators Installations

Abell provides a complete line of ADA compliant, pre-engineered hydraulic elevators, which range from 2000 pounds to 5000 pound capacity. Custom size larger elevators are also available. The heart of the system is the microprocessor, which is state of the art with all on board diagnostics and solid state dependability. All Abell elevator equipment is non-proprietary allowing the building owner to receive competitive pricing for future maintenance requirements.

The pump unit consists of an integrally welded tank with rubber isolated mounting for the pump and motor, hydraulic muffler and rubber isolation between the pump unit base and the floor. The valve is a unit type valve with an integral check valve and pressure relief valve. We supply these units in submersible or dry mount configuration depending on the project requirements. Consult our corporate office to assist you in planning for your hydraulic elevator needs.



Please click on the image below for our Hydraulic Elevator Specs and planning guide.


Traction Elevator Specs

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