Green Machine MRL Traction Elevators



Environmentally Responsible Elevators

Abell Lift Systems is dedicated to being on the cutting edge of product development and new technology. Our energy efficient “Green Machine”, a Machine Room-less (MRL) traction elevator, is a breakthrough in environmentally responsible elevators. It offers total electrical operation with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Drive Machine that significantly reduces energy consumption over conventional hydraulic systems, even for low rise applications. When coupled with a Regenerative Variable Frequency Electronic Drive, the “Green Machine” can even funnel power back into the power grid during overhauling load conditions.

We offer a full line of Machine Room-less traction packages. We are a single source supplier and have designed an integrated, field efficient, plug and play system, that offers:

Field Efficient

Equipped with all the field efficient features of our plug and play systems, our Machine Room-less traction units are efficient and easy to install.

Reduced Footprint

Our compact design fits a typical hydraulic hoistway footprint allowing for the reduction in the square footage requirement necessary for a traction elevator.


Self contained in the hoistway overhead and supported by the guide rails for an efficient, customer friendly fit, the “Green Machine” does not require building structure to support the elevator equipment. This feature offers built in cost benefits for building owners, designers, and contractors.

Full Range

Our packages range from 2100# capacity passenger cars through 5000# capacity hospital style cars at speeds up to 500fpm.

Existing Buildings

With a reduced traction footprint and a self-contained overhead, our MRL can replace existing hydraulic units and fit in most low overhead requirements.





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